The goal is to empower you to save at least £3,000 a year, pay down debt and build wealth through investing. Ultimately we desire to improve your financial well-being through financial literacy that will empower you to break the cycle of living pay-check to pay-check, in debt or with little or no savings at the end of the month

Our vision

The vision is to take you on a transformative journey from a saver to an investor. Learn key money management principles and key investments nuggets that will empower you to manage money better and confidently transition from a Saver to an Investor.
Learn how to save at least £3,000 a year pay down debt and build wealth through investing. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Take that transformative step today.

Learn how to increase your income by at least £3,000 a year on average, pay down debt and build wealth

Money Management Goals

1. Increase your financial literacy

2. Live from a budget

3. Tackle and eliminate debt

4. Begin saving money

5. Build an emergency fund as quickly as possible

6. Learn about investing

Wealth Building Goals

1. Learn how money works   

2.   Save money on a regular basis

3.   Remain debt free

4.  Begin building your net worth

5.  Begin investing your way to financial freedom

6. Learn how to build long term wealth

Investing Goals

1. Overcome the fear of investing

2. Learn what it takes to transition confidently from a saver to an investor

3. Learn how to begin investing

4. Learn where you can invest

5. Learn about what you can invest in

6. Build long term wealth

7. Work towards becoming financially free

Learning Outcomes

1. Take the fear out of investing

2. Overcome the confusion of investing

3. Become an investor who knows what to invest in and why

4. Learn how to improve your money mindset

5. Build long term generational wealth through investing

6. Invest tax efficiently

7. Feel confident speaking to financial advisers

Learn key money principles that will help you to build wealth and stand the chance of saving thousands of pounds a year. Explore what it takes to become financially abundant and learn how to break the cycle of living pay cheque to pay cheque, in debt and with little or no savings. Learn how to manage money better and save regularly so that you can build long term wealth.
Learn what it takes to confidently transition from a saver to investor and build long term wealth. Learn how to stand the prospect of benefitting from investment returns of 10% on average. Explore the key financial principles that will empower you to build wealth through investing. Master key investment terminology, where you can invest, what you can invest in and how to do so tax efficiently. Learn about the importance of risk and diversifying your investments. Expect to feel confident to take the plunge and transition from a saver to an investor who is in the position to build long term sustainable wealth.
We currently offer a comprehensive educational wealth building forum that teaches you the financial literacy to develop a money mindset, manage money and build wealth long term. The Rapid Wealth Building Platform gives you the opportunity for continuous learning that achieves rapid results if implemented. The goal is for you to achieve financial well-being and to work on leaving a generational legacy that can be passed on. Some of the key themes we explore are money mindset, key money principles, how to track your net worth, how to pay down debt, how to improve your credit score and how to hold your wealth accountable.
We currently offer a 12-week course that empowers you to transition form a saver to an investor. Learn what it takes to confidently begin your investing journey. Learn about key investing terminology. The Do’s and Don’ts of investing. Learn how to think like an investor and avoid big losses. Feel empowered to have wealth building conversations and feel confident speaking to financial professionals. Learn how to invest affordably. Learn how to make investing cost effective and feel confident building wealth long term.

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Becoming Financially Abundant

Saver to Investor

A Personal Finance Journey.

About the CEO of Saver to Investor

Annette Galloway

My name is Annette aka Saver to Investor. I am a financial educator and the mother of a young son. My main passion is teaching people financial literacy and helping them to build wealth long term. I encourage and empower people to save money, pay down debt and then invest so that they can build wealth long term. I managed to begin building wealth on a low income and as a single parent mother. Today I am pleased to say I have savings and investments and several streams of income which are increasing daily. I trust you can do the same. 

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The goal is for you to stay with us until you are confident managing your money, building wealth and investing. Once this is achieved you can leave us or stay with us if that is what you choose to do. 

You can begin your wealth building journey in our money management group. If your money management is great then join our investing programme and learn how to confidently transition from a Saver to an Investor. 

Provided you take action based on what you are learning you should begin to make progress straight away. The key thing to bear is mind is that building wealth takes time, so expect this to be a long term wealth building journey. 


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Disclaimer: Please remember that past performance may not be indicative of future results. Different types of investments involve varying degrees of risk. 

To the extent that a reader has any questions regarding the applicability of any specific issue discussed above to his/her individual situation, he/she encouraged to consult with the professional advisor of his/her choosing.

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