About Annette Galloway CEO and Founder

My name is Annette Galloway. My purpose and is to bring financial security to as many people as possible. My goal is to help people to break the frustrating cycle of working long hours on a daily basis and still living pay check to pay check, in debt or with little or no savings. 

Financial security and peace of mind is possible even on a modest income and I can testify to that. I have saved thousands of pounds for myself and over £10,000 for my young son even whilst being a single parent mother and living on a modest income. Provided you put a financial system in place you can easily do the same.

Money management and savings provide the foundations to financial freedom. It is investing however that truly brings financial freedom. We teach people how to manage money so they can save thousands of pounds and we then teach people how to invest that money so they can get there money working hard for them and break out of the cycle of living pay check to paycheck, in debt or with no or little savings.

Savings is a great way to begin your journey to financial freedom, however true financial freedom lies in investing despite how daunting and risky it seems. The goal of saver to investor is to demystify saving and investing to make it more accessible for the community. 

I am here to help you understand what you truly need to know so you don’t delay reaching financial security through good money management and investing.

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