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Our Approach

We are passionate about your financial security and freedom. Our goal is for your money to achieve financial security so that you are financially secure and not vulnerable to debt or living pay check to pay check and reliant upon one source of income until retirement. Our goal is to take the confusion out of managing your money and investing. We want financial well-being and security to be accessible to you and your loved ones. 

Meet the Team

Meet the Team behind Saver to Investor

Annette Galloway

Founder & CEO

Annette Galloway’s purpose and mission is to bring financial security to as many families and individuals as possible.

The goal is to stop people being frustrated by their finances by breaking the cycle of living pay-check to pay-check with little or no savings and instead empowering people to save money and live a financially secure life.

Edem Amewowor

Wealth Manager: (DipFA) Financial Advisor

A professional, financial wealth manager providing exceptional bespoke specialist advice to clients. Edem offers bespoke advice on Investment Personal/Company Pensions- Tax Efficiency and more.

Edem handles hundreds of thousands worth of investments. He has a 10 year track history in the investment and banking sector.

He has helped clients’ secure financial security for themselves and their families and wants to help as many people as possible achieve financial freedom and financial security.

Carol Williams

Accountant and Admin Support

Carol Williams provides accountancy and administrative support to the team. Carol is also the Founder of Kingdom Accounting Solutions.

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